06 May

RSPCA Remind Pet Owners to Keep their Animals Safe Over the Warm MonthsPosted by Katie Eagleton, Chums4Pets Founder

The RSPCA has reminded pet owners to keep their animals safe over the warm months

With temperatures set to soar to 20 degrees Celsius this week, the charity has given advice to pet owners to ensure their animals are comfortable and happy in the heat.

The Met Office has predicted highs of 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday, prompting the RSPCA to remind pet owners to consider their animals over the summer weather.

Just as cold, wintry weather can pose a risk to animals, hot temperatures in the summer months can also be hazardous to our furry friends.

Every year the RSPCA receives thousands of reports of animals suffering from heat exposure. The most common calls to the RSPCA's emergency 24-hour line receives is around dogs in hot cars.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: "It's important to remember not to leave any animal in a car or caravan, or in a conservatory or outbuilding, where temperatures can quickly rise to 47 degrees Celsius which can result in death."

Last month, RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes left a thermometer in his van in 15C heat and left it for an hour to see what temperature it would reach inside his vehicle. Within just 60 minutes, the temperature had climbed to 43.5C.

Inspector Joynes said: "In an emergency, it is best to dial 999 and report a dog in a hot car to police. The RSPCA may not be able to attend quickly enough and, with no powers of entry, we'd need police assistance at such an incident.

"If the animal is displaying any sign of heatstroke - such as panting heavily, drooling excessively, is lethargic or uncoordinated, or collapsed and vomiting - call 999 immediately."