29 July

Ready, Pet, SavePosted by Katie, Founder of Chums4Pets

Things have been going a little crazy at Chums4Pets Basecamp what with the continual improvements to our website, ever increasing numbers of registrations, followers on Facebook/Twitter and running Competitions. That’s not taking into account the impact of school holidays and manning the trade stand at shows/events.

The word is spreading across Kent about the community services that we offer so much so we have nearly reached our first 100 registrations which absolutely fantastic news!!!!! As far as we are aware, there is no other UK based company offering pet owners the opportunity to meet Chums who are willing and able to help meet the care needs of any domestic pet. We have received so much positive feedback from Chums and Pets Owners alike that we are motivated and driven to help as many people as possible.

Just this week alone in the press highlighted why Chums are more preferable to high tech gadgets – PetNet is an automatic pet feeder that is connected to the internet and owners are able to control meal times through an app on their phone. However, when their server crashes like it did this week owners have been left distressed and helpless, especially if they are out of the country, trying to sort out an alternative option. Even though the system only crashed for 10 hours this time I, for one, would be worried that my pet’s feeder hadn’t subsequently gone back on line properly and that my pet was hungry back at home.
Don’t get more wrong, I think the technology is phenomenal however for my treasured pets who, let us be honest, are more like family members, I would prefer them to receive a little more than just food everyday.......
How about someone to visit and make sure they are well, give them their food, also a few cuddles, playtime if needed and a little extra TLC in my absence? This to me, offers so much more peace of mind than a technology gadget.  Afterall, Pets have feelings and need interaction. Whichever side to of the Chums4Pets fence you sit, ie Pet Owner or Chums, there are so many benefits of allowing pets to be looked after by a caring, loving and trusted Chum as opposed to an electronic device.

Please help us to help others like you by spreading the word of this great service by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts and simply talking about the service to friends and colleagues, for a list of benefits please check out this link
Did you know that on our Website, you can also keep up to date with our Twitter posts on our home page,  as well as see a rolling scroll of the pets with pictures that have been registered.   Their owners would love to get to know anyone local Chums to help them plan for the expected assistance needed and enable them to plan for the unexpected too. Pet owners you have a free upgrade to a duel membership in that you are also a Chum and can offer help with similar pets to your own or a different type of pet that you may wish to get to know.

Our discount codes will not continue to operate for long so why not take advantage of a 50% discount on our annual membership cost and not have to pay a single penny more until next year! Simply use discount code 50SUMMER2016 and you can then start the ball rolling by contacting Pet Owners and/or Chums and develop some Pet-Tastic Friendships!!!!