28 August

Summer is finally here, it is time to go on holiday what do you do with your Furry Friends?Posted by Katie, Founder of Chums4Pets

Summer is finally here, it is time to go on holiday but how do you decide with whom and where you leave your beloved furry friend?
Do you book them into a kennel?
If you’ve decided that this is the best option for your beloved furry friend it is worth asking….
1.       Length of Daily walks?
2.       Any playtime?
3.       Daily pampering such as grooming included?
4.       Are they allowed to bring familiar items such as toys and blankets to reduce stress?
5.       What is their daily routine and how long are the pets left without attention?
All of the above will make your pet more comfortable in an unfamiliar place.
Do you hire a Pet Sitter?
If you’re hiring a pet sitter, it may sound strange but we would suggest interviewing the candidates in person make sure your check our their references. You may prefer this option if your pet is timid, elderly, afraid of strangers or needs the comfort of familiar surroundings.  So many people I have chatted with about this also miss out on one vital part of the selection process…. Seeing your pet with the pet sitter you choose and watching how they interact with each other.
Do You Ask a Neighbour, Friend or Family Member
Do you have a willing neighbour or friend that lives nearby?  If so, this may be the preferable option for a pet that typically does not leave the house such as a cat or other small pet like a rabbit or hamster.
If none of the above options appeal to you then you may wish to consider registering and searching for a Chum for free using where you have complete choice and control over who you would like to build a friendship with to help you meet the care needs of your pet.  All the Chums on the website are there as they want to help and build a genuine caring connection with a pet or two.
Gone are the days of leaving your pet lonely in a kennel or cattery or with just a single walk during the day – now you can leave your best friend in the hands of a trustworthy Chum. While you’re not around, you can sleep easy knowing your pet is being looked after by someone who wants to spend time with your pet long term and is doing so because they genuinely care for your pet.
We know how stressful it can be to find the right person to take care of your pet whether you need a little help with walks, cuddles, grooming, playtime, holiday care or more. It can be stressful for your furry friend too, wondering where you’re going and when you’ll be back.  Building a rapport in advance with a Chum can help you plan for the expected (and unexpected) absences and will ease the stress for all parties.
The goal at the end of the day is to try keep your pet as stress free as possible with plenty of love, care and attention.  Please be sure your pet is microchipped before you leave your pet anywhere.   Above all select an option that will give you the greatest peace of mind and go on holiday safe in the knowledge your pet will be having as much fun as you are.