11 September

5 Tips for Bringing Your Dogs to WorkPosted by Katie, Founder of Chums4Pets

5 Tips for Bringing your Dogs to Work

How to Get Your Boss to Say Yes

Taking dogs to work are more popular than you may think!
Did you know that dogs can make you happier, more productive and less stressed at work?   It can make employees happier in the workplace and is becoming more common amongst office workers than any other profession.
Other benefits include:-
·         dogs help lower employees’ stress levels at work and help make employees more productive.
·         Dogs reduce blood pressure and life depression too.
·         Dogs give companies a “cool factor – Just being able to bring your tail-wagger to work makes a company a cool place to work.
·         Best company perk? Pooches are more popular than ping pong tables.  When it comes to perks in the workplace, the ability to bring your dog to work is preferred three times as much as the option of have a games area.
·         One potential problem: the biggest downside of having dogs in the workplace would be having to pretend they like their boss’s dog, even if they don’t.

5 Tips For Bringing Your Dog To Work:

Here are a few of their top tips to share with others considering bringing their dog to work.
1.    Get it approved. Just because others bring their dogs in, does not mean it is a free for all. Make sure you have all the necessary approvals from management, and understand any ground rules, before you bring your pooch.
2.    Don’t delegate. Remember that as the dog owner you are 100% responsible, 100% of the time for your pet’s well being, behaviour, and biological needs. Don’t ask your team to walk or clean up after your dog!
3.    Bring on the goodies! Just like people enjoy snacks and games in the break room, so do your dogs.  Biscuits and toys can help you encourage positive interactions with your dog and your co-workers throughout the day
4.    Remember doggie hygiene. The only thing worse than a smelly co-worker is a smelly dog! Give your pooch a bath and proper grooming before bringing him to work.
5.    Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for your dog, too! Feed your dog before going to work, so they don’t get “hangry” and nip your co-workers.