19 September

Signs that Your Dog Loves YouPosted by Katie, Founder of Chums4Pets

Dogs have a reputation as “man’s best friend” for a reason. There’s really nothing better than having one of these four-legged friends by your side or running as fast as they can to chase after a ball you just threw. It’s pretty much impossible to keep the smile off your face when you have a pup around, but even though we know how much we love our furry friends, many of us wonder if our dogs actually love us just as much.  The You Tube Video attached reinforces how much this dog loves their owner.Click here

Take a look at the things dogs do when they want to tell their owners they love them. You never knew what these signs actually meant!

1. Unconditional Love
If you own dogs, you know what unconditional love means. They start loving you from the moment you take them into your hands. Here are a couple of other ways to tell if your dog really cares about you.

2. Your Dog Is Calm When You're Leaving
If your dog is calm, it's showing you a sign of trust. However, if the dog is anxious, it's afraid that you'll leave them and it doesn't trust you.

3. Running Around and Jumping like Crazy When They See You Again
You might have noticed that they get overly excited when you come home. This is a sign of real love.

4. Eyebrow Expressions
When a dog lifts its left eyebrow, this is a sign of affection. This is also true for the left ear.

5. Eye Contact
When your dog stares into your eyes as you pet it, his body releases oxytocin, which helps mothers to bond with their puppies. So, your dog is trying to hug you by looking at you.

6. Snuggling after Food
Food is very important to dogs, so after eating, they will do the next most important thing in their life. They'll cuddle with their loved ones. They know their priorities, and you're one of them!

7. If Yawning Is Contagious, It Is a Sign of Love
If your dog starts to yawn right after you, it's a way of showing their affection and empathy to you.

8. Your Dog Likes to Sleep in Your Bed
If your dog keeps returning to your bed while you're asleep, it is showing you a sign of true love. They don't want to be separated from you, so they will try to snuggle with you whenever possible.

9. They Know When You Love Them
The dog can sense whether you love them or not. They won't give you their love if they sense that you don't love them back.

10. Favourite Toys
If a dog brings you its favourite toy, it means that the dog wants to please you. Their toy is their most prized possession.

11. Leaning on You
When a dog leans on you, it means that the animal feels safe and secure.

12. Playing with You
Dogs won't play with you just because they need the activity. They are playing with you to share time, to bond, and to show you what you mean to them.