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We're like a dating service for Pets and local Pet lovers, we match Pet owners with local Pet loving Chums for walks, cuddles, sitting and holiday care.

To find Pets in your local area that you would like to spend time with.

We recommend all our members to have a read through Chums4Pets Terms and Conditions

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As a Chum you will need to upload a clear picture of yourself. As a Pet owner we ask that you include a picture of yourself and also one of your Pet.

To enable you to contact your matches, you'll need to pay to upgrade your membership by paying the subscription fee and authenticate your profile as below:

  1. Log into your account on Chums4Pets.co.uk.
  2. Click Subscribe/Authenticate button on your profile page.
  3. Subscribe now and simply pay through Paypal. This is part of the authentication process.
  4. Verify your phone number.

You are now ready to message other members.

18 – Sorry if you are younger but members need to be over the age of 18 to register with us or why not ask your parent to register and you can access the members with their guidance and support.

We understand that every Pet owner may need a little extra help from time to time so we are able to offer the membership service to all types of domestic Pets.

As Chums do not charge for their services, the Pet Boarding Establishment Act 1963 does not apply as they are not operating a business or establishment that this Act applies to.

Yes, absolutely, however if you are a subscribed member already as a Pet Chum you will need to upgrade your membership on your account profile.

You'll be able to keep your Chums profile active on the same account so you can meet up with other Pet owners for playdates or to help one another out with care as well.

When creating the account you’ll be able to add additional Pet profiles to your membership by simply clicking on the “add another Pet” button at the bottom of the Pet owner’s profile page you have just created.

To add another Pet at a later date, simply edit the Pet Owner’s Profile Page and scroll down to the button to “add another Pet”. Once you have entered the information please remember to click the “Save” button before moving to a different screen.

Please update your Notification preferences within your Profile page and also check your junk folder in your email account in case our messages have been flagged as spam. If you need any further help please do contact us and we will help you to look into this.

Here are a few easy ways you can really increase your chances of hearing from a Pet-Tastic owner more quickly. 

  • Favourite as many Pets as you like by clicking on the “favourite” button under the profile pictures. This will help you stand out amongst other Chums or Pet Owners and encourage the other party to message you.
  • Send out lots of messages introducing yourself. The more you send out, the more opportunities you will have to find what you are looking for. Highlight when you need help or when you are available to help as this will open up the conversation.
  • Ensure you have completed your profile and authenticated your account. Other members are more like to reach out to other authenticated members.
  • Remember - Patience is a virtue. Everyone gets busy at different times and may not check their messages immediately.

Under the profile picture you will see the address, phone, photo and favourite icons.
As members subscribe the icons are highlighted so you can see how far along the authentication process they are. If all the symbols have been highlighted you will know that they can respond to any messages you send them.

UTo go to your favourites all you have to do is:

  1. Sign in to your Chums4Pets account
  2. Click on the “search” button at the top of your profile page
  3. You can then choose to filter results and select the “favourites”  option and you'll see the Pets /Chums you previously chose to favourite.

As a subscribed member you are welcome to share your details once you feel comfortable to do so. Chums4Pets does not share these details with anyone on your behalf.

You cannot post your contact details on your profile as we wish to protect your confidentiality as much as possible. We are subscribed to the Data Protection Act.

If you receive a message from another member which you believe to be inappropriate please use the contact us facility with details and we will look into the situation further.

Messages cannot be edited once sent but you are able to delete them from your profile page. Simply go to your “Messages” page, select the messages you wish to delete and click on the “dustbin” icon to the right hand side of the page.

It is important that everyone feels comfortable with the match between Pets, their owners and the Chum so we would suggest exchanging emails to determine suitability followed by phone conversation(s).

Depending on the Pet involved, you may decide to meet at park for a walk or maybe a coffee somewhere public before exchanging home addresses. As the matches are local, you may decide to meet on a couple of occasions and build up a friendship and feel comfortable with one another. It is important to remember that each Pet is different and we believe Chums should be competent in handling the Pet. As the Pet Owner we feel you should see the Chum interacting with the Pet before allowing them sole responsibility.

We recommend that all Pets are restrained on leads when out in public. If Pet Owners wish to allow their Pets off their leads then we would strongly recommend that authorisation is provided in writing.

Hazards can occur in any location so if your Pet is to spend time at a Chum’s home then please ensure it is as safe an environment as possible.

There aren't many Subscribed Pet Chums near me

We know it can be really frustrating when there aren't many subscribed Chums near you, but you can still be active in the community to encourage other members to get in touch.

Subscribed owners can still favourite Unsubscribed Chums as many Chums wait to receive a message from an owner before they verify their profile.

Keep an eye out for our weekly emails showing newest members in your area. If you are not receiving these emails, please check your notification preferences.

We take safety and security very seriously and believe that Pets are family members, so we have the following in place to ensure our website remains safe and trusted:

  • Our secure Authentication process
  • Owners and Chums are local to each other
  • Detailed profiles to help members find a suitable match
  • We also never share any of your personal details with other members.

As we take safety and security very seriously at Chums4Pets, we prevent members from putting personal contact details in their profile.

Subscribed members can share their contact details with other members, within their messages, if they feel comfortable to do so - we will never share these contact details for you.

You can find the Pet Info Sheet on your profile.

Once you’ve found a Chum, please ask the owner for the completed Pet Info Sheet before you look after the pet on your own for the first time.

The Chums4Pets Pet Info Sheet is a document that we recommend subscribed owners fill in and share with subscribed Chums. This sheet includes all the information the Chum needs to know, from vet’s name and address to eating habits and exercise routines.

Once subscribed owners find a match, they can share this with the Chum to ensure extra peace of mind that their pet is receiving the best possible care.

As an owner, you can find the Info Sheet on your Pet profile. When you've found a Pet-Tastic Chum, please complete, download and send to your Pet’s Chum(s).

We take your safety and security very seriously at Chums4Pets and all of our members are asked to go through our Authentication process before they can chat to one another and exchange details. This ensures our site remains safe and trusted.

Once an owner has found a Chum they think would be a good fit for their Pet, they should arrange a “Get Together”. Often people meet several times before the Chum takes care of the Pet alone, and sometimes even do house visits (as the matches are local). If you do visit a Chum’s house, please make sure that their home is safe for your Pet if they will be looked after there.

Please also make sure you fill out our Pet Info Sheet so your Chum has all the information they need to give your Pet the best care possible.

With regards to Pets, we encourage Chums to keep your Pet on its lead until you give them written permission to allow them to do otherwise – you are welcome to use the “Pet Permissions” form located on your profile.

No, we recommend that all pet owners have pet insurance or liability cover for their pets. This cover would automatically extend to provide cover whilst the chums are looking after your animals. Invariably there is also liability cover under household insurance policies any third party property or third party injury caused by domestic pets and this should provide cover in the event the pet causes the Chum harm or injury. As with all policies it is worth checking out the individual covers held by the Pet Owner.

Chums should always ask the owner if their Pet is happy around children. Many Pets love meeting children and they often have loads of fun together, but it’s important that the owner and Chum discuss this ahead of time, as well as any safety precautions.

Owners also have the opportunity to tell you their Pet is good with children via ticking a box on their profile.

If you have children that you would like to introduce to the Pet, it’s best to take the pet out on your own first so you can get to know and trust each other. When you feel ready - it could be the next meeting or after a few weeks - introduce the Pet to your children when the owner is there, as it may help the Pet feel calmer.

Chums should keep Pets restrained at all times, unless they have written permission from the Pet owner to advise otherwise.

Chums4Pets does not share your details with any one. As a paid member you are permitted to share your contact details with other members as and when you feel comfortable to do so. For your safety and protection we do not allow members to include their contact details within their profile.

The simple answer is no. You can enter up to 5 Pets on to the same Pet Owners Membership Profile and simply create each Pet a separate profile page. Your subscription fee will provide cover all of them. (for the sake of clarity a shoal of fish are classed as one Pet).

We have an annual fee of £24.50 for owners, which covers the authentication process and the additional benefits listed within the site.

We have an annual fee of £14.50 for Chums, which covers the authentication process and the additional benefits listed within the site.

Chums who join Chums4Pets do so as they love Pets and do not charge for their help.

Payment for looking after a Pet will not be covered by our third party liability insurance.

If we find out that a Chum is charging for helping out then we will cancel their membership.

To meet the costs of the membership benefits and to also demonstrate your commitment to your love of Pets also to meet the costs of the authentication to ensure Chums4Pets remains a safe and trusted membership

This is something which we feel should be discuss between the Pet owners and Chums directly and should possibly be considered if multiple daily Pet attendance are required for a holiday period.

You can manually turn off your auto-renewal. All you need to do is click on the Account tab and then Your Subscription and amend as required. Please remember to click on the “save” button after amending your preferences.

As we strive to membership costs as low as possible we currently do not accept payment on a rolling month by month basis. This may change in the future so please do check again before renewing your membership.

We want to ensure that everyone is happy with our service so you if are not satisfied we offer a 60 day money back guarantee to Pet Chums and Pet Owners. If you are struggling to find a match we are happy to help you but why not try the following suggestions first?:-

  • Change your search parameters.
  • Make the first move and message Chums or Pets owners first with a light hearted opening message.
  • Keep an eye on the verification status of members that you are messaging. Whilst the ideal situation is to message other paid members as they are able to respond to you instantly, some members wait to receive messages before they subscribe especially as the company roles out across the UK.
  • Edit your profile so you stand out and look Pet-tastic.

If you have tried our suggestions and need additional help in finding a Chum or Pet or are outside of the 60 day money back guarantee period then please do contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Chums who join this site do so as they love spending time with Pets and therefore do not want any monetary reward for offering their help. If we find out that a Chum is charging for helping out then we will cancel your membership and will not provide a refund.

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