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Frequently asked questions

What pets can I register on the site?

From rabbits and hamsters to dogs and cats, we welcome pets of all shapes and sizes.

Is it safe?

We take the safety of our community very seriously. All members have to go through an authentication process to check they are who they say they are and make the Chums4Pets Promise. We also provide safety tips for the first time you meet up with a new pet or chum.

Any other questions?

The Chums4Pets Promise

We invite you to take the Chums4Pets Promise, created to help our pet-tastic community feel safe and happy!

The Pet Owner Promise

I promise that I will give the most accurate information about my pet, and that I would be happy for a responsible, experienced and trustworthy local person to look after my pet.

The Pet Chum Promise

I promise that I will give the most accurate information about my previous experience with pets and I will look after any pets in my care in a responsible and loving way, and will adhere to any information provided by the Pet Owner.

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Experienced and Professional Dog Sitters in Maidstone

Dogs are truly remarkable creatures. They have their own unique personalities, quirks, habits, likes, and dislikes, just like humans. They're creatures of habit and routine, just like humans, and while they thrive in the familiar they are also filled with a boundless enthusiasm for the new and exciting - just like humans!

If you're a dog owner, the chances are your pooch is well and truly pampered. Dogs become part of our families, extensions of ourselves and as precious as children. But we can't spend 24 hours a day with them, no matter how much we might want to. Work, socialising, travel, and even the arduous task of getting the weekly shop done, takes us away from our beloved hounds and leaves them pining after us.

We've all come home to the sight of woeful eyes staring avidly out of the front window, desperately awaiting our return. We've all returned to the realisation that our darling dog hasn't moved, not one inch, from the spot we left them in several hours before.

If you're a dog lover, but for various reasons don't have a bundle of fur of your very own, you may find yourself staring longingly after the cute critters of your neighbourhood as they parade around on their daily walks. You might find yourself a little blue sometimes, and wishing for the companionship and unconditional love that dogs lavish upon us so wonderfully.

Whether you're the proud owner of a pretty pup, or simply long for a little canine companionship, Chums 4 Pets is the place for you. Simply create a profile, browse existing members and, once you've found a few good matches, verify your account and sign up. Before you know it you'll have found the perfect dog sitter in Maidstone to care for your baby, or the perfect pup to come and stay with you and lift your spirits for a while when their owner is away.

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